Merging technology in a first-of-its kind application, Acura Mood Roads is designed to showcase the emotional elements of a virtual drive experience using bio-sensory feedback symbolizing Acura’s Precision Crafted Performance DNA. To experience Acura Mood Roads, guests will enter a spherical motion simulator equipped with a performance driver’s seat and 30 biometric sensors, measuring 24 integration points including the user’s brainwaves, heartbeat and facial expressions. Once buckled in, guests will embark on a journey customized in real time as landscape, color, music and speed all change based on the driver’s mood as interpreted by the biometric sensors.
The immersive experience for guests who check into the Festival Village Presented by Acura begins with signing-up for a custom branded RFID wristband, which enables attendees to check-in throughout the village, capture sharable social content and view the 2017 Acura NSX on display.
The Festival Village also will offer a space for guests to relax, recharge and explore additional engagements designed to showcase Acura’s performance and Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® technology. Within the lounge is a Virtual Reality Pod that puts the guest behind the wheel allowing them to experience the power and performance of the all-new Acura NSX. 
On display is a full-size NSX ice sculpture complete with embedded LED lighting to highlight key features of the new Sport Hybrid SH-AWD® technology.
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